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During my study I implemented this competency in numerous instances. Due to time limitations however I often was not able to get in touch with the user as much as I would have hoped. User tests and interviews were often conducted to support design decisions or to validate the product. The numerous tests, however small, did give me experience in this competency. During my M1.2 the focus was on the user test itself. This semester gave a lot of new insights in how to conduct user tests effectively.

During my FMP I was able to incorporate this competency in numerous ways. The user was an important source of inspiration during some brainstorm/co-creation sessions. Small user tests also helped to support design decisions like size and shape. Lastly a big user test was done to look at the impact of the product. Being able to have so much interaction with the user during a project was a really nice experience for me and also helped me to create a product that will actually be used.

How did I develop this competency:
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