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Due to my background as a designer technology and realization has from the beginning of my study been one of my major strengths. This was strengthened by learning about 3D printing and lasercutting during my internship. The combination of rapid prototyping techniques and more conventional ways of constructing allows me to express myself by means of prototyping.

Electronics however came less natural. Before starting this study I had not yet been in contact with electronics and programming. In my bachelor I focused a lot on electronics and programming to get these skills up to speed. During my masters I continued to develop these skills with projects and electives. The reason why I think this competency is my most developed one is the combination of these skills.

During my FMP I did not involve electronics in my product, this decision was made on purpose to make the product as easy to use as possible and at the same time make it more user proof.

How did I develop this competency:
Project CuBit
Interactive Materiality
Final Master Project Puzzled
Constructive Design Research
Complex and Adaptive Systems
User Experience Theory and Practice