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This competency has made a lot of smaller improvements that added up turning this into one of my most developed competencies. In teamwork and communication with fellow students I have improved in communicating a clear message with for example sketching or 3D drawing. The clearer planning I have for myself also helps group members to create more realistic expectations of what I can do for them.

Since the start of my masters I have also made more use of coaches and experts to develop my skills. Sketching a clear picture of problems people do not know anything of was difficult for me in the beginning. Here the new and improved ways of communication and also better preparations have helped a lot. In the electives from other faculties I was also able to practice my communication across different disciplines.

During my FMP communication became one of the key things I focused on. Next to a focus on communication working with a large corporate client and multidisciplinary teams helped to greatly improve this competency. Besides having improved this competency overall I think my FMP has also allowed me to better be able to adapt to new types of teamwork and communication in the future.

How did I develop this competency:
Final Master Project Puzzled
Project CuBit
Constructive Design Research
Interactive Materiality
User Experience Theory and Practice