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During my masters there have been a lot of individual activities where, with the help of lecturers and coaches, I was able to create my own way to work and design. With the tips and tricks I learned through my study I am now able to create schedules that fit my way of working. Having passed two electives from other faculties has also shown me how flexible I can be in learning new skills. Even in subjects foreign to me I was able to study enough to become comfortable with the subject. This showed me that I will be ready to work in multiple possible fields next to the fields I have been focusing on during my study.

In my FMP the value of Self-directed learning became very clear to me in the way of working in big corporations. I think being able to quickly and independently develop new relevant skills is absolutely necessary in these often quickly changing fields.

How did I develop this competency:
Final Master Project Puzzled
Project CuBit
Project Elegant App Fading
Let's Make Humans Better
Complex and Adaptive Systems
Interactive Materiality
User Experience Theory and Practice
Constructive Design Research