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In my bachelor this was one of my least developed competencies however since the start of my masters there has been a lot more focus on research within my projects as well as electives. Especially during the group project and electives I learned a lot of new ways of doing research and finding research to enrich my deliverables. This greatly increased the speed at which I am now able to find fitting papers to support my claims. Also my writing has improved a lot and became a lot more professional.

During my FMP I focused on creating a solid design research project. During this project I support my claims either with user research or scientific papers. By having a clear planning and deadlines the project was also structured a lot more. The deliverables of my FMP were well supported and on time proving for me that I have developed this competency to sufficient skill.

How did I develop this competency:
Final Master Project Puzzled
Project Elegant App Fading
Constructive Design Research
User Experience Theory and Practice
Project CuBit
Interactive Materiality
Let's Make Humans Better
Complex and Adaptive Systems