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Throughout my masters this competency probably improved the most. Knowing this was one of my weaknesses I tried to work on this competency as much as possible throughout different projects and electives. The goal was to be able to create clear and professional looking interfaces and deliverables. Especially during my M1.1 project Cubit this competency improved a lot. This was mostly thanks to one of my group members who supported me a lot when creating the aesthetics for this project.

A point that remained weak was the use of different materials for aesthetic and use purposes. This was also something that I worked on during project cubit, but this was later improved more when doing the elective interactive materiality. This elective showed me the possibilities of material and also what it provokes, opening me up to a broader view on material.

For the creativity part of this competency I always had an easier time to improve. Thanks to my identity as a designer creativity was more natural for me. During my study I did learn new types of brainstorming and designing from fellow group members and electives like constructive design research to also further develop this part of the competency.

In my FMP I developed this competency a lot more. Not only did I work a lot on the visuals of my final design (both the physical and digital part), but I also learned a lot from the canvasses used by my client. Working with a dedicated corporate style helped me a lot to improve my aesthetic deliverables.

How did I develop this competency:
Final Master Project Puzzled
Interactive Materiality
Project CuBit
Project Elegant App Fading
User Experience Theory and Practice
Constructive Design Research