As a designer I am more focused on the creating rather the theorizing and researching. That is also where a big part of my vision originates from I like to start using a product as soon as it comes out of the box and don’t like to sit down for an hour to read the manual. As a child I also started to tear things apart, not because I was violent but because I was curious about how they worked. This is something that remains still, I want to understand how everything works. This is also where the wish for transparency comes from. Important for reaching this is feedforwarding. As the son of a bicycle repairman and a carpenter I learned on a young age how to work with my hands. An annual event in my village (de Brabantsedag) helped to increase this skill even more and now building things is also a way of expressing myself.
As a designer I like to create. Prototyping is a very important part of the design process for me. When I finish a prototype it is like I reach a goal and I can see the progress I made. Finishing prototypes is also a way for me to stay motivated.
During my internship I have learned about using 3D printing. By listening to a lot of people their stories I learned how to use this technology in order to create new values. It also taught me something interesting concerning my vision. If you print the entire product you will learn how it works during the assembly and will make it really your product. This will make sure the mechanics are easily understandable. Also it is very easy to customize parts before 3D printing.


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Bound more with your products

In today’s society products lose their identity. People no longer bond with their products it is something that they use and if it breaks they will throw it away. This has to do with two things. First products become less intuitive. You are nowhere without a manual nowadays and with the step from action to reaction getting bigger and less transparent people get distant from their products. Second people can’t repair their own products so if something breaks down they will just send it to someone to fix it or buy something new.
In my perfect world products would become simpler like this speaker. A lot of people use sound docks, but often don’t fully understand how it works. Add the risk of the sound dock breaking to the point where you can’t fix it and it suddenly doesn’t seem as appealing anymore. That is why I like the design of this sound dock so much it is simple and low tech and if you will somehow be able to break it you could repair it yourself using plain wood. This project also immediately speaks for itself. Doesn’t matter how experienced you are with technology you will know what to do.
Of course sometimes you need more complexity, I want to tackle this by giving people a building set to assemble their own products. The different parts can even be made by the user with a 3D printer. By self-assembling the product the user will better understand their product and will be able to bound with their product and repair it if it breaks. During my internship I was able to print and assemble a combustion engine which gave me a better understanding of how it worked.
In this market the product will be sold as a service. Much like Netflix you will be able to subscribe to design firms that create products for you that you can 3D print and assemble yourself. If you do not have a printer you can get the products shipped by fellow subscribers for a small fee.
My goal as a designer is to give people alternatives for today’s mass production market. I want to give them products of which they understand how they work and will be easy to fix. My products will bring back the bonding to products people had. I want to achieve this with the help of 3D printers.